Union Plumbing Heating and Cooling is the new advanced heating system for your home, office, industrial space.  Anywhere that needs heat! 
Union Plumbing Heating and Cooling’s exclusive double-insulated, all-metal heating ribbons gently warm your floors to distribute heat evenly throughout the living space.
And installation couldn't be easier! Just lay down insulation and roll out Thermo Weave mats on an existing floor, then finish the surface normally. Thermo Weave is approved for installation under any type of floating floor, including laminates.
Thermo Weave is ideal for houses and high rise apartment buildings. Each room is individually controlled with an air and floor sensing thermostat assuring optimal comfort. A plus for apartment building owners is that electrical consumption can be directly billed to the occupant removing a drain on your resources! There are no ducts to clean, burners to service, or fuel tanks that have to be replaced regularly. Once Thermo Weave is installed, it's out of sight and out of mind.