Emergency Plumbing

Are your drains backed up? Is your toilet over flowing? Do you know a New York emergency plumber, let alone, one you can trust to do the job correctly and for a fair price? As a full-service plumbing contractor, Union Plumbing Heating and Cooling plumbers are licensed by the State of NY. offer you the following 24/7 emergency plumbing services:
• Sewer repair
• Water heaters repair and installation, including tank less water heaters
• Water and natural gas leak repair and pipe replacement
• Leak detection and repair
• Snake clogged drain pipes
• Re-piping

Sewer Repair
Did you know that you are responsible for sewer line repairs for the lines running from your home to the street? These lines were probably installed several years before your house was built! Sewer backups are quite traumatic to handle, but that does not mean your pipes are broken. We will check, repair and replace with the minimum mess. After a video inspection of your sewer lines to identify the reason for the blockage, we use the latest technology to clean and repair your sewer lines in the event of a sewer line backup. Why let a sewer line backup ruin your day when we are here to fix it? Just call our emergency lines 24/7. Water Heaters are also Repaired and Installed. If you need water heater repair maintenance or plan to upgrade your existing water heater, a New York plumber is here to help you choose the right model.